Terms & Conditions

Our aim at Fern Kennels is to provide an environment where dogs stay safe, secure and as stress free as possible and that they will be excited and happy when they arrive at the gates of Fern for their next visit.

While we love every dog, unfortunately not all dogs are suited to Fern Kennels. From our experience, dogs that bark a lot, anxious dogs, aggressive dogs, dogs suffering from separation anxiety, unneutered dogs or dogs who do not cope well with strangers in most cases will be unsuitable for Fern. A dog’s behaviour can differ with changed environment and there we recommend a trial night in advance of a long stay. This allows us to assess the suitability of your dog for Fern and also for you to assess the suitability of Fern kennels for your dog.

New customers are welcome to view the kennels in advance of boarding by appointment.

We have CCTV cameras and Fern is manned 24/7.


We offer play groups during the day in our indoor/ outdoor enclosed play area which include learning games, puzzle time, sniff and find, rest, recall and retrieve, mini agility and best of all social free play with their Fern friends. For dogs that prefer only human interaction we provide a 1:1 service and lead walking on a forest trail. Either way its tons of fun!

What we need to know

It’s in everyone’s best interest to be upfront with any special needs or issues that your dog may have.

When you are away your dog may decide to try to “find” you.

Dogs can escape from even the most experienced individuals, if your dog has any fears, is a climber, digger or some other type of “escape artist” please let us know in advance of their stay so that precautions can be put in place.

Your dog’s food

Some dogs can’t tolerate an abrupt change in food brands that’s why we don’t provide dog food during their stay. When packing your dog’s food for their stay, it should be both bagged in daily portions, or the appropriate size scoop included if not bagged.

We recommend you bring

A familiar scent of home, an old t-shirt of yours or blanket that we can leave in your dog’s bed. Food/ treats, collar/ harness if walked. Boarding agreement and vaccination card if not already submitted.

We supply bedding, blankets, toys, water bowls, etc.

Health and Well Being of Your Dog

  • Neutering typically decreases aggression.  Social problems can arise where another male detects an unneutered dog’s high testosterone level, with the result that both becoming aggressive. This can also make an unneutered dog a target of harassment by other male dogs. Our preference is for all dogs to be neutered over 6 months and where this is not possible the advance stay will help to avoid such problems.
  • We are unable to take dogs in heat or due to come into heat.
  • If your dog is ill prior to boarding, it is imperative that you inform me, as you pet may pass his illness to other dogs.
  • We cannot always allow dogs that have been recently ill to board with us as it is can be unsafe for the other guests.
  • Unfortunately, dog allergies are becoming more common, pollen grass bushes and insect bites can all cause reactions. Symptoms are scratching licking and chewing of feet and body, discoloration of paws, red or watery eyes, ear infection runny nose. It is important to maintain flea and tick treatments. Most allergies are usually easily remedied.
  • The welfare of your dog as well as the other dogs in our care is vital to us so it is necessary to bring along your dog’s current vaccination certificate. It is our policy to refuse entry to any dog that does not have a valid vaccination certificate. All dogs must be vaccinated against kennel cough and have their annual vaccinations up to date. For vaccinations to be valid they must be done at least 10 days prior to arrival. We are happy to give prescribed medication to dogs staying with us – please supply clear written instructions and sufficient quantity of medicines for your dog’s entire stay.
  • While all due and reasonable care is taken of your dog while at Fern kennels, boarding is entirely your responsibility. In the event that that vet bills occur or damage to is caused to the Fern kennels property, these additional costs will be added to your bill on collection of your pet. If you have pet insurance, please inform us of the details.