Opening Hours

At Fern Boarding Kennels, we have set pick up and drop off times.  These times must be adhered to for the safety and well-being of all our dogs and to allow us to provide our service to all our dogs.

Drop off and pick up times

Monday-Saturday: 10am-11am and 5pm-5.30pm
Sunday: Closed

Days closed for drop off and pick up

New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St Stephen’s day. We also close for our annual holidays. Dates communicated annually.


Please consider other dogs when visiting, picking up or dropping off – it is important that you make your visit as quick as possible and that any children stay out of the kennel area to avoid unnecessary stress to the other guests. On arrival please buzz the gate.

Please park responsibly on the stone parking area leaving room for other cars to enter and leave. Our reception area is to the left of the main residence.