Heather View

Our Heather View can fit between 1 and 4 dogs (So pets from the same family can share). They have a cosy inside area which has raised beds, music and heating. Each pen has access to an individual run that opens out onto a larger paddock area and an indoor play area.

School House

Our School House is designed especially for our little furry friends who like the finer things in life, with a sofa to get cosy on, individual sleeping areas at bed time. TV, classical music to enhance the atmosphere and oil central heating.

Daycare Suite

For our dogs boarding, we offer play groups during the day in our enormous enclosed garden and daycare area which include learning games, puzzle time, sniff and find, belly rubs and best of all social free play with their Fern friends.


A 50% deposit will be requested during holiday periods. Please make reservations early. To avoid disappointment, as soon as you know your plans, call us.

Payment options are outlined on the booking invoice once your booking is confirmed.

Terms & Conditions, rates are reviewed as required.

Call us today on (087) 6295151 or email info@fernboardingkennels.ie for more information or to make a booking